Everyone has a right to help

Charitable move “Angel of Mercy” invites all attracted, creative and kind people to bring a drop of emotional warmth, care and love to our lives.
Every volunteer may take part in the move “Angel of Mercy” regardless of age, education, place of residence or income. Only desire is necessary: you can draw a picture, design a card, make a hand-made souvenir (of glass beads, yarn, paper and other materials), write a poem, story or compose a song. You can simply come and help someone who needs your help. For example to play with children in an orphanage, to help your elderly neighbour with buyings when she is ill, to buy medicines for a lonely physically challenged person…

Probably, it’s your pictures are to be printed on the calendars or postcards, in the newspaper or magazine. Souvenirs can be gifted to lonely people in purpose that they know there are a lot of kind people around. Handicrafts also can be used at the charitable fairs.  Money made on these fairs can be used for buying medicines and food for the poor.
According to the established tradition there’s a fund raising for helping indigent large families, orphans, physically challenged people and lonely elderly people on the spiritual-enlightening fair-exhibition “Vierbny kirmash” in the framework of the move “Angel of Mercy”.
You can take part in these events giving your souvenirs, handicrafts and donations to the move organizers. It can be done not only in Minsk – you can arrange such events in your own city, district, school or workplace. Let us know about your intensions, get the letter of credence and the move symbol. And let’s go! The business of mercy.
Whether there are more not indifferent people in our society, whether our children from the very childhood take part in kind acts, learn compassion and mercy, then we can be sure of our happy future.
On the issues of participation in the move have resort to the secretariat of the Sisterhood Union of Belarussian Orthodox Сhurch:

Address – 220121, Minsk – 121, Pritytskogo street, 65-132.

Tel. (017)353-15-49 (extra 123)

Mobile number + 375 29 153-88-83

skype: sekretssm

e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

You can send charitable donations with note “for the deeds of mercy” to the EUR - BY12BLBB31350102345155001002 (EURO) in a branch № 522, Minsk, JSC “Belinvestbank”, code BLBBBY2X.
Recipient – Charity Sisterhoods Union of Belorussian Orthodox Church.
Everyone has a right to help.