The Union of Charity Sisterhoods of Belarusian Orthodox Church

Mercy and charity are not a favor, not a function and not a series of social projects. Mercy and charity are a movement of two hearts towards each other, which occurs only on condition of mutual brotherly Christian love and mutual sacrifice for each other.
Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk
Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus

The Union of Charity Sisterhoods of Belarusian Orthodox Church has been actively functioning for more than 13 years, uniting the diocesan and parish sisterhoods and parish social services.
More than 2,000 people are working on a voluntary basis in the field of charity in all the dioceses of Belarus. The Sisters of Mercy are carrying Christian care to those places where the problem of helping your neighbors is so crucial: to hospitals and nursing homes, to orphanages and shelters for children, to sick  and lonely people .
According to His Eminence Filaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, "voluntary charity movement has become  for laypeople the form of awareness of their place and their value in the mystical body of the Church. All in all by now there are more than 100 sisterhoods. To maintain and develop their activities, the Union of Sisterhoods was created in the Belarusian Exarchate, thanks to which largely spontaneous movement took shape and status of systematically organized and scientifically coordinated process ".

The Union of Sisterhoods is a voluntary association of the Charity Sisters to help each other with advice and prayer, to solve together problems faced in compassionate service and spiritual care of suffering and needy people.
Our mission:
to revive and increase Christian traditions of helping neighbor  through mercy and charity.
• improving the quality and increasing the volume of aid to the needy;

Our activities are :
• mutual assistance and support of sisterhoods activities;
• cooperation, exchange of experience and coordination of social work;
• information and methodological support of sisterhoods activities.

Our initiatives :
Charitable Event " Angel of Mercy ":
• appeal for compassionate service of  indifferent people ;
• raising funds to help the needy , orphans , the disabled and the lonely elderly ;
• raising public awareness of social problems and ways of solving them.

Educational training seminars and meetings to exchange experiences of social service :
• residential care for the sick and disabled ;
• socialization and rehabilitation of people with disabilities ;
• prevention of professional burnout ;
• prevention of domestic violence and strengthening families ;
• enhancing of women’s role in social church ministry.

Everyone has a right to help!

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"The Union of Charity Sisterhoods of Belarusian Orthodox Church"
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